The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Small Businesses

The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Small BusinessesVirtual offices are typically a shared office that includes business address, courier services, mail, phone services, meeting and conference facilities. These days, a virtual office is gaining more popularity than the standard office. These virtual enterprises do not require high-end expenses and they can enhance any type of business, professional or entrepreneur. Simply put, Continue Reading →

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Staging Tips to Sell a Home Quickly

Staging Tips to Sell a Home QuicklyStaging is essential to any form of selling. The product needs to be packaged properly, and in an attractive fashion to enhance the appeal. This is the first impression any buyer will have and hence should be capable of creating a positive impact. The actual goods, however, must be able to maintain and sustain the interest thus generated.

Most properties tend to sell at better prices and faster after Continue Reading →

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Will the New Bill HR 1728 Hurt the Ability to Sell on Owner Financing?

Will the New Bill HR 1728 Hurt the Ability to Sell on Owner Financing?Have you heard the latest buzz? The Senate is considering a bill which already has passed the house that may limit the number of owner financed properties you can sell. This may include land contract, owner-held mortgage and/or wrap around mortgages. The bill limits the number of such transactions to one every 3 years!

This would limit not only the number of properties you can sell but may also indirectly Continue Reading →

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How to Sell Your House on Auction

How to Sell Your House on AuctionMost people prefer to sell their house with the help of an estate agent, usually because they believe that they will receive the best price for their home. However, it might be a good idea to consider selling your house on auction – the preconceived idea that selling a house on auction is a desperate attempt to keep the bank manager from the door is slowly but surely changing Continue Reading →

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Landlording 101

Landlording 101I decided to write a post for those landlords just beginning, or those people that are looking to buy their first investment property, this is a very basic and simple post to help those people with the job of property management.

With that being said the first thing that comes to my mind as should come to yours if your looking to attract those first tenants to your property is, deciding Continue Reading →

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Sell Your Home Easily By Applying the Feng Shui Method

Sell Your Home Easily By Applying the Feng Shui MethodWant to help your home stand out and appeal to buyers in today’s real estate market? Using simple and often inexpensive methods borrowed from six thousand years of Asian tradition, you can transform a drab, unappealing property into an inviting home for potential buyers. The science of Feng Shui can be applied to the landscaping of an entire property, the house itself, and even to individual Continue Reading →

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The Art of Flipping Houses Part 5

The Art of Flipping Houses Part 5Carrying Costs and What They Mean To You

If you obtained financing for your flip property, then you have carrying costs. What this means in a nutshell is what it costs you monthly to hold on to that property. That is why you want to get in and out of your flip as quickly as possible.

Let’s look at an example of how this works. You have bought a house for, let’s say $200,000 dollars. You allow Continue Reading →

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Visual Coordinators – The Secret Weapon to Selling Your House Fast

Visual Coordinators - The Secret Weapon to Selling Your House FastDo you want to sell your real estate fast? The name of the game is pricing your home right and looking perfect. It is a real estate beauty pageant.

Buyers are so picky that if they view photos online and do not like your room colors, they will skip over you and move on to the next home. Wow you say, “but I LOVE that powder blue color in my bedroom”. Well, even though Continue Reading →

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Rent to Own Houses – How Can You Benefit?

Rent to Own Houses - How Can You Benefit?Rent to own houses being offered sometimes make buyers nervous. But, buying a house this way can be a fantastic way to get a great deal on a home. Even with bad credit!

A number of professionals in the Real Estate world dislike the “Lease Purchase” or “Rent to Own” method of selling a home.

I agree with them that this can be a big money pit if not done right. An unsuspecting tenant could lose Continue Reading →

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96 Percent or 4 Percent?

96 Percent or 4 Percent?To which group does your Seller belong? Let us assume, based on data that I have seen, that 30% of Homeowners own their homes free and clear, or that they have no mortgages or liens against their homes. Second, of those remaining 70% of Homeowners who have mortgages, 94% of them are not behind on their payments or in danger of foreclosure or the like. This is equivalent to 65.8% of all Homeowners Continue Reading →

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