Retail Property – Getting the Tenant Mix and Negotiations Right the First Time

Retail Property - Getting the Tenant Mix and Negotiations Right the First TimeWhat do your tenants need in a retail property? It’s an interesting and essential question to ask, and sometimes we really do not focus enough on getting an answer.

When you know what tenants need, the strategy you adopt can strengthen your property tenancy mix and performance for the landlord. The landlord wins when the tenants have a stronger business and trade.

When you own, Continue Reading →

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First-Time Renters Should Be Aware of Hidden Costs

First-Time Renters Should Be Aware of Hidden CostsBills, Bills and More Bills

Rent isn’t the only payment that is due every month. Phone bills, Internet bills, cable bills, hydro bills, gas bills… these can all add up quickly, especially if you’re moving into a bachelor apartment and have to cover the costs by yourself.

Some apartments are considered “all-inclusive” – that is, these extra payments are included in your rent. This Continue Reading →

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Use Sell and Rent Scheme to Get Rid of Your Debts

Use Sell and Rent Scheme to Get Rid of Your DebtsWe all are quite well aware of the liquidity in global conditions. Thousands of people have one thing in their mind, and that is how to pay their mortgage next month. Homeowners face difficult situation of how to pay their bills when grabbed in financial crises that drains their pocket. Paying increasing bills and then looking after the families is becoming a daunting task. Many of such Continue Reading →

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Sell My House – For Sale by Owner

Sell My House - For Sale by OwnerSo you are considering selling your own home and forgoing use of a real estate agent? Here are two examples, neither is inclusive but might provide information for consideration.

Example One: The market is great; you live in an area where homes are selling very quickly. In fact all the homes look exactly alike because the builder had no imagination or it reduced his initial cost to build, Continue Reading →

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Taking the Plunge! Tips for First Time Renters

Taking the Plunge! Tips for First Time RentersA big step in every young adult’s life, taking the plunge and striking out on your own, renting you’re first apartment can be confusing, intimidating, and downright hard. Your first apartment will be a learning experience, and with the right outlook, a fun one!

Most experts will tell you when looking for an apartment for rent; the rent should be no more than 25-30% of your annual income. While you might Continue Reading →

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Renters Insurance

Renters InsuranceAre you currently living in an apartment?

Do you have renters insurance? What? No? You must be joking. Renters insurance is a must. Like your sofa? Your bed? How about that new laptop, or your wardrobe in your closet?

One fire is all it takes. The fire doesn’t even have to originate from within your apartment. Remember, you are connected to other residents. They have stoves and hot plates, Continue Reading →

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Attracting Tenants to Your Tenant Mix

Attracting Tenants to Your Tenant MixEvery property is unique and special. Each property has got a mixture of negative and positive issues emanating from the design and layout. To set up a productive tenant mix you have to do the best with what the property offers design wise.

A successful property requires successful tenants, and not just tenants that pay rent. This is where tenant mix is critical. To do this you need to know:

Rents Continue Reading →

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Fast House Sale, Helping You Buy Your Dream Home!

Fast House Sale, Helping You Buy Your Dream Home!When it comes to moving house it can often take a long time especially if you end up in a chain where you are relying on someone else before your move can go forward. If it’s your home causing the problem because you haven’t found a buyer then that can be easily remedied by selling your own house through a fast house sale company so you can get the cash you need to move your Continue Reading →

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How a Sell and Rent Back Contract Works

How a Sell and Rent Back Contract WorksIf you want to sell your home without delay to clear up a monetary problem then you could do with it without moving out of the house. This is completely achievable if you go into a sell and rent back contract. What this requires is that you sell the home and relocate the possessions title to the new proprietor. Then you lease out the house by signing a leasing lease Continue Reading →

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Quick Tips To Selling Your Home

Quick Tips To Selling Your HomeWhen buyers look at homes, the tedious nature of the task can result in all the properties looking the same. Here are some tips you can implement to make your home stand out.

The number one way to make your house stand out is a painting strategy. Happily, it is also one of the cheapest options. In this case, we are talking about the interior paint. By taking some small steps, you can make the interior Continue Reading →

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